Riding the BC Parkway to Central Park

I am developing three routes for my new bike rental and tour buisness, Fraser River Bike Tours & Rentals, and today we are riding from the Quay Boardwalk up the BC Parkway (under skytrain) to Central Park. This twenty five km ride is a great hill from the Quay to the Park (10 km) and a fun downhill on the way back. All of these maps will be linked to the buisness’s website and to the blog (once it is up later this month) and are all great rides that go from 12 km to 25 km.

I ride a 20″ ti frame with front suspension and my partner’s bike is a Norco Axis, we ride at least 20km every second day up to 50 km if we can. We have both turned to cycling to help with various problems but found it helped in many other areas as well. I will turn 60 in a few weeks and she is younger (ageless beauty) and we are both going to sweat it out on the hill, stop and feed the ducks and squirrels in
Central park and enjoy a ten km descent.

Well its time to go go go…

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5 Responses to Riding the BC Parkway to Central Park

  1. Elizabeth Eakin says:

    I just turned 65 and plan on getting my bike out that has been “resting” way too long. I just moved to Marpole so I plan on riding the dykes in Richmond for starters.

    I am checking into your blog on a daily basis.

  2. Peter John Girouard says:

    After personally knowing Tom for well over 10 year, I have had the privilege on multiple occasions to witness the true heart of this man. Tom I wish you all the best.

    Happy trails, good Buddy!

  3. Tom says:

    Glad you were there for the home runs and thankfully you missed the many times I struck out

  4. frostwire says:

    trying to find you on facebook, wats ur profile

    • Tom says:

      don’t do face book or twitter and Bloging is a brand new thing for me too. My vcr still blinks 12:00