Riding through the Pain

We have lying cheating bodies that will act out just before a bought of exercise. Sometimes before a ride my body will rebel with my trick knee beginning to act up or a strange pain in my lower back that will arrive unexpectedly but I have learned to ignore these red herrings for what they are, lame tricks my body employs to avoid a two hour bout with my bike and a hill. Once you get past these illusions created by your body to avoid that moment of truth you will finally make the gains you need to succeed at any sport. When I am ten minutes into my ride my body gives up and remembers how much it loves to ride and the pains go away. You need to call out your meat for what it is and to discipline your body to the will of your mind.

When in Grad School I was fascinated in the placebo effect and how the body seemed to have a mind of its own. When someone becomes addicted to pain killers the body now healed can fake pain to get the drug it knows will come when you feel the pain it is creating. I saw people get well taking a sugar pill and it was because of the power of the body/mind to actualize what it believes. So in the negative it holds you back but it is also the secret to success.

When the mind truly believes the body will attempt to follow. This is the way to create a healthy image, the Platonic Ideal if you will, for your body to grow into. Imagine the life you would need to live to have the body you want, then go out and do it. Do what you like but like what you do.

This can be seen in our spiritual lives as well. What we believe we are drawn towards, which can be a self fulfilling prophecy of sorts. If we believe that God is a wrathful disciplinarian then we will also wield power that way over the people in our charge but if we believe god is light and love we will begin to shine with an inner light when we do what we believe a god of light and love would have us do. If we want to feel like god we should act like her.

Living in harmony of body, mind and spirit requires a commitment to take the high road, the steeper path, a life of doing what can be done with clear goals to get there. This focus can give us an intensity that sometimes needs to leavened with humour and light. My good friend (now passed on) D. Dan would always say, “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much damned room.”

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