Why Cycle-Therapy

My name is Tom Littlewood and I am a therapist and a cyclist.

Cycle-Therapy is a new blog dedicated to cycling and cognitive therapy. As a retired therapist and avid cyclist I have combined both for the last twenty five years, which has not only made my life better but has helped thousands of people realize their personal goals in both their bodies and minds.

Currently I am starting a new business, a bike rental and tour company called Fraser River Bike Tours & Rentals, that will be located at the new River Market on the Quay boardwalk in New Westminster BC. This project will use both cycling and therapy to help people reach their personal goals.

For this blog I will also begin to post articles I have written on the benifits of cycling and how it helps with clear thinking. I have seen people with severe depression, bi-polar, anxiety etc etc reduce or get off their meds, feel 100% better in body and mind and move from a life of dieting to one of having to eat good food, all because they added cycling to the work they are doing on themselves through therapy, medication and diet.

So Cycle-Therapy’s goal is more than simple world domination by bikes, it seeks to help individuals dominate their own world, to get back in control and to discover what life is like when you are in shape both inside and out.

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