Covert Action on Bike Trail

Today we broke the law, probably a really small one but it was for a greater good.

Sometimes if you wait for the processes to unfold, especially if they are between governments and large corporations nothing will happen, especially if an executive from either has to take any risk no matter how small. I have watched they guys dither when life and death issues are at stake so you can imagine the dithering with something as unimportant as a bike trail that is inherently unsafe is concerned. Although this may be life and death for a cyclist trying to use the trail, the concern just doesn’t seem to be there, unless of course someone dies or worse than that threatens to sue.

So a few of us (no names to protect the guilty) with wheel barrows, shovels, rakes (for about three tons of crushed limestone we had delivered) and a brush cutter took on about two hundred yards of trail adjacent to the bike trail that is outrageously dangerous for kids and cleaned it up, touched up the low spots with limestone and fixed the access point. In a few hours we were done. We kept watch for the man for being arrested for beautifying our community without a permit, with extra charges for making a trail safe for children are both probably punishable with serious prison time. If I killed someone on the trail they wanted us to use by running them over I would get house arrest, if they were a cyclist I may get the Bruce Allen Anti-cyclist Award. But do not doubt me in that doing a good deed can get you in trouble and now Harper will be desperately trying to fill all the prisons he is building so we were optimistically cautious.

Two years ago on Christmas Eve, in a snow storm, I was taking a large load of food to the food bank. Driving carefully through the blizzard in my truck, which was in good shape with good snow tires, I was pulled over by a NW cop. My first thought was this guy is going to help me get through the storm but when he approached I could tell by his dead eyes that I was mistaken. He said he was unhappy with my load, it was locked together and inside my truck’s box and canopy with just a few inches protruding onto my down tailgate. This was wedged in by a block of wood which also was great for traction. He asked me to secure it better after I told him I was a volunteer and the food bank was desperately waiting for this food and don’t forget this was Christmas Eve. He went back to his car, and spent fifteen minutes hoping that something would come back so he could shoot me but nothing came up so he walked back to where I was busy securing (needlessly) my already secure load. I asked him if he now approved but he looked like he was personally upset with me and my mission. He grunted that it was ok now and then handed me a ticket for almost $200 bucks. I couldn’t believe this guy, when he handed me the ticket he spit out with as much person venom that he could muster, “Merry Christmas”.

So I know that you can be arrested for having good thoughts, doing good deeds and for helping someone in need. Today I was waiting for the man to slap me in cuffs; it would have helped me with the advertizing for my new business. But guerrilla trail building is what you are left with unless you are patient enough to watch government and big business do the two step around what should be done, unless someone dies of course or even worse brings on a law suite. “Church on time makes me party,” (D. Bowie)

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