Parade Day

Under grey skies I met up with the Cap’s Crew at 9:30am as they lined up about twenty kids and a few adults to ride the various assortment of crazy bikes that Caps has put into the parade from day one and they have ridden in every parade since. I was joining with them this morning to hand out brochures for my business, Fraser River Bike Tours & Rentals, that is planned to be open by June 4/2011. Gordon the owner of Caps is providing me with the bike fleet for my new business, hence the connection for the parade. I was the only one not is some costume and riding a crazy bike, with names like gut buster, ass buster, up and down and even a flock of Penny Farthings. I was riding my work bike and in an hour and a half handed out over seven hundred brochures to those lining the streets of the parade.

I have been in the Hyack Parade before with the Sanctuary Foundation and once even won an award. I wondered what the person with the sign walking in front of us was doing and had no idea they were announcing us as a winning display. I actually became frustrated with this person as they slowed down to ensure that we got TV coverage. What won the judges over was a pile of bikes on a trailer that was bigger than the van pulling it. A sample of the donated and thrown away bikes we collected for Cuba’s Ministry of Education that was piled so high that it looked like it may tip over.

After the parade today I hunted down some young families that I missed on the parade route that were still hanging around for the other festivities. It was good to see so many young families out for the parade and other Hyack events.

My ears are still ringing from the marching band that was right behind me and my right hand is sore from one handed braking while the other was holding a bunch of brochures.

The next week is supposed to be sunny so I am going to ride everyday I can before the opening next Saturday because after that until things stabilize and I get the business running smoothly I will be getting my riding in guiding tour groups and field trips.

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