The Need to Ride

Today Debbie and I needed a hill today and the ride which starts at Fraser River Bike Tours at River Market is now our favourite. We both were stressed out with the starting of our new business. I had a full day and then everything was cancelled, postponed or forgotten so we both looked at each other and the ride we had planned for tomorrow with but at glance at each other was on, now.

My morning was one of split pea soup and writing a document for marketing our business for school field trips and once we got the opening we took it and we will probably ride tomorrow anyway.

It was colder than we thought it would be and we were both glad for tights, good jackets and gloves. Sometimes it was sunny, then it would rain and at one point it was raining in the sunshine. Riding down the hill to where we start the ride had us bundled up but by the time we were half way up the hill we had taken off an under layer, changed out of finger to fingerless gloves and took of the under helmet caps.

Central Park was beautiful in the sunshine as usual. There is a murder of crows that knows us; we always have various nuts to share with them and the squirrels that flock to Debbie. They see us coming and you can see them get excited, one young crow meets us and flies ahead of us like some kind of greeting.

The ride back was cold enough to get back into the layers, caps and fingered gloves but once we got going the ride down the hill was a lot of fun. When I ride alone I fly down this hill and sometimes take risks that I didn’t know I was taking until they were past. Riding downhill with Debbie is a more controlled event, she pushes me up the hills but you would think she has a governor on her bike. She may burn through the brake pads but that is better than burning through the spandex as you slide across the pavement.

During the last few kilometres I was salivating thinking of my slit pea soup that had just finished brewing before we left. It took discipline to stop and wash the bikes when all I could think of was a big bowl of soup and a couple of slaps of real bread. Well the bikes got washed and two bowls of soup later I sat back and decided that it was a pretty good day after all.

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