No sprain no gain ll

It’s been more than a month since I sprained my ankle on a ride. Just before starting a new business this may have not been the wisest course but that is why they call them accidents. Being on my feet all day, handing out brochures, renting bikes and leading tours has been quite the challenge with an ankle that by noon is swollen enough to have to undo my laces in by boots. But the solution has been time and finally the ankle has healed enough for me work the whole day without too much pain or discomfort. Today I lead an 18 km tour without any problems and it should only be getting better from here.

The new business, Fraser Rive Bike Tours & Rentals, is just beginning to attract customers now that the sun has come out. We are offering cycling day camps, which seems to be attracting local kids who want to ride. We are also doing a lot of groups from local community centres and other day camps, while we wait for the community to utilize our rental service.

So riding through the pain of a sprain was the only way to go but I am glad that we finally have some sun. Last June if I was renting Long Johns I would have been rich, bikes not so much.

Today I guided a dozen or so kids for a birthday party around the Queensborough Loop. It was a lot of fun for them and even the little ones (maybe seven) had no problems with the ride.

Sunshine and happy children, that’s a great combination.

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