Blogging through the Pain

I have been overwhelmed with comments from those of you who have found my ramblings relevant. I have not written for a while as the sun came out and my bike rental shop has been very busy.

I had big plans to write last week but a cracked and then abscessed tooth changed all that. After two days of intense pain until the antibiotics took down the swelling during which I was considering doing some oral surgery on my own. Well today my friend and dentist ripped it out by the roots and I do mean rip and roots, all three of them. So my partner is covering down in the bike shop while I try to keep distracted from the throbbing pain as the freezing comes out. So I thought I should try and catch up on my blogging, at least until the pain killers kick in.

As you can gather from my writings, I am one who would always avoid medications, especially those prescribed and marketed by the medical industrial complex. But I am also allergic to pain and if only given the choice to endure it, inflict it or avoid it, I would try to avoid it.

I have used this theory in counselling strategies, especially when dealing with addictions, specifically heroin or prescription pain killers. If you have unresolved pain in your life, physical, mental or spiritual, when you first stumble across opiates you will continue to self medicate long after the presenting issue has been dealt with. If you broke your hip and were taken into an emergency ward you will probably moon them willingly when they prepare to give you some high test painkiller. Not many will say at that point no thanks I would like to use this pain to grow as a person but when someone with a broken spirit and who has so much pain that it has become the normal, self medicates, since they have discovered that relief is possible, are judged as junkies; even if they are doctors.

For those whose lifestyle has become a part of the addiction, street life is also an addiction, rehab and then twelve step programs fill the gap until you develop lives that are independent of the issue are needed. Group therapy helps identify where your pain hides and when you deal with the pain the need for the drug should be extinguished and then you only have to deal with the addiction to the lifestyle. But when a high functioning addict, (doctors in particular have this problem since they have access and the knowledge), who has an active business and life, sometimes just helping them find that place of pain that they are self medicating is enough.

But today I took two high test designer opiate pain killers with a clear conscience and a damaged mouth and will be content soon to sleep for a few hours. In a few days, when the infection clears, when the swelling goes and the stitches come out I will stop taking them because I have dealt with my inner pain and only need to deal with the hole in my mouth where a big molar once lived.

Rule of thumb with pain; First find out what is hurting, your tooth, your mind or your spirit and when it is identified, where by your dentist, your doctor, your therapist or your minister and then medicate as needed but deal with cause of the pain and then back off of the pain killers. Most people will not want to take a pain killer if they are not in pain. The problem is that sometimes we do not recognize anything but physical pain and ignore the rest.

When I was an errant youth our gang of about ten guys all got our hands on some heroin. We had already tried the rest, acid, pot, hash, peyote but the big H was not common in the small town that I started out in. The ten of us all shot up, the three of us who had experienced abuse as children, were addicted with one shot, the rest puked and staggered around and never did it again. The three of us with mental or spiritual pain were hooked with one exposure to a few hours of no internal raging pain. The other two died later of an overdose, while I found out the source of my pain dealt with it and then moved on.

Since that time I have helped countless people kick drug habits by facing the pain and dealing with what has caused it. Even if only because of a child’s perspective of a traumatic event, especially sexual abuse, this pain can eventually become chronic and disabling.

So if you are facing the demon of addiction look a little closer at the monster in the mirror and realize that it is only you. Just as a dream therapist will tell you your dream is all about you because you have created it all, so is it with pain. It is only in you, in you body, your mind or your spirit and originally created by your brain so that you would avoid the behavior that caused it in the first place. Chronic pain is caused by your body, your mind or your spirit not being able to get past that place without some outside help and perspective.

The overall all theme of this blog is using cycling as a therapeutic intervention for many things including long term pain. You will feel more pain when stressed out or depressed. If you can burn off those go fast chemicals you create when you are stressed it will help as they act as accelerants and can intensify existing pain issues. So there is hope for chronic pain.

It’s time to go and sleep this off.

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