Hook, line and sinker

The last time my naïveté got me into trouble I believed that these guys in suits were telling me the truth because anyone who went through the spiritual experience I went through couldn’t lie to me. Five years later I was in a suit, hair permed, large black bible in my right hand, face flushed in religious delirium, at the height of a manic episode, delivering the prophetic word of God and worst of all believing every word of it myself. Just because a few thousand people also believed every word I was blasting through the massive sound system didn’t help me either. Mid sentence, it seemed as if time stopped so that I had a bizarre perspective of the seething congregation desperately reaching for hope as if I was throwing bread to starving people, and in that chaos of worship and praise I heard the still small voice of spirit. Like a lens clicking in place at the optometrist and your vision instantly clearing I knew I was severely ill but instantly healed with one touch of spirit. I knew what I had to do and did not finish the sentence. I simply walked away, went and got an education and made myself a promise to not be fooled again.

Thirty five years latter I am a novice blogger with technological phobia, my VCR still blinks 12:00, I am getting my toes wet in the blogosphere. I have not been writing for anyone but myself. I am writing what I wished I knew much earlier in my life, material that I have used to change my life and what has changed the life of many of those who have come to me for help and counselling.

So when hundreds of comments came in all telling me I was writing great stuff and blab la bla, but not really saying anything specific is when I began to notice the sameness of the comments. I sent a few into my IT guy, who makes the blog work, I just type, and he informed me that I have been suckered in by spammers. I guess I didn’t see the plastic suits but I did hear a still small voice again and it was laughing. Not in a nasty condescending way but at the true humor of it.

So I am on to you spammers, you’re worse than evangelical fundamentalists and capable of the same bland comments all to help build your little empires.

Well now; that felt good.

If you slipped in between the spammers and I missed you and where just commenting on what you enjoyed reading please continue and I will weed the garden, as over a hundred and fifty comments are waiting right now and most trying sell crap by linking to my blog, bad karma guys. Maybe I should have noticed sooner, maybe a comment by Mr. electric cigarette should have tipped me off but I was taken in there for awhile, hook, line and sinker.

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