Sane in an insane world

Sane in an insane world is by definition to be insane. This quote by Thomas Szasz caused me to take a path less travelled. An Epiphany into what was really happening with those people I was working with who were clinically depressed, who were bi-polar or who were exhibiting some schizophrenic behavior was accelerated by this same understanding of what was truly going on with me. Maybe we were the sane ones in an insane world. At the same time I was finishing my graduate studies, and after earning a PHD in Psychedelic studies from direct research in the sixties, I was studying the similarities between Jung’s collective archetypes and the trance visions of shamans who use various herbal approaches to ecstasy. In another vein of knowledge I was studying genetic recessives who were being understood for their true importance, keeping a history of the gene pool so that when dramatic change occurs in the environment the solution can be drawn from the gene bank which saves the day. Mendle studied the white moths that would hide on birch trees. He did not understand why a few (about 10%) would be born black as they were quickly picked off the birch trees by the birds. Then the industrial revolution blackened the birch trees and within a few generations of moths 90% were born black as now they were the ones perfectly camouflaged. The 10% born white were still there waiting for cleaner times.

My synthesis of these various theories formed the basis for a trilogy I wrote called the Adventures of Ashley Wells. The first was called Medicating the Messenger, the second The Immaculate Deception and finally the Wrong Womb. In these I hypothesized that 10% of humans were the traditional healers, shaman, priests and priestesses that would connect for the rest of the community to Mother Gaia or to Spirit and from that connection would flow healing, spiritual guidance and the knowledge of when to plant and harvest. This occurred for 99% of our history but we now live in the one percent.

Now instead of living in harmony with Gaia we are gang raping her. We are killing her oceans, cutting down her forests, polluting her rivers and turning the air into toxic soup. Now when these recessives express their gifts they connect with the gang rape and of course they have a horrible experience. Rather than changing so that we live in harmony again we medicate the messengers with pharmaceutical straight jackets so that we do no have to have to listen to them rant and rave that the world is ending.

In this context helping people become well adjusted to their community can have a sinister side. My protagonist Ashley Wells spends his life rescuing those enslaved by their meds to become free through an understanding of their true nature.

Now when I encourage people to ride three times a week, each ride a minimum of twenty minutes of hills with two hours of anaerobic spin, I find that they will get more from this than they ever found with their meds. Sometimes the meds are still necessary but can be drastically reduced. The most important understanding is that your disorder has been misdiagnosed, you are actually gifted but you must then know what that means to be gifted here and now.

I am not talking about those brain damaged or with disorders of conduct or affect but to those who been medicated because they are uncomfortable in their own skin. To those whose thoughts are tortured by the feeling that something is very wrong. Something is and your problem is that you’re sensitive to it.

To get to the cause you have to dig it up out of the morass of your life. If you have become a couch potato you have some work cut out for you. You will need to begin riding, any anaerobic exercise will do, so that you can get into shape to make your body do what is has been designed to do. So when you have learned how to burn off the go fast drugs from your flight or fight mechanism then with a clear mind you can look to your gift as a gift and not a curse. This is the beginning of a whole new life for when you move into your gift and out of your disorder your weaknesses will become your strengths.

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