New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions that were made in honesty and in that belief we all have in ourselves when making them soon show us that we are at heart are mostly liars and cowards. Such is the human condition. Creating a habit is what we need to do with the full knowledge that we are vulnerable to our own weaknesses until the habit is engrained right into our daily existence. Until that time one must remember that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Creating a habit is not that difficult when you understand that by nature we are addictive creatures looking for habits to distract us from the daily grind. The trick in life is choosing your addiction carefully. Once we have done something for a month or maybe two we become habituated and with only a small amount of will power can continue in the course set. The issues is that first month or two. If you remember I referred to our bodies and lying, cheating pieces of meat more that a few times. We will attempt to get out of any new commitment, especially those that make us do things that may be uncomfortable at first, like exercising. Sex or drugs are easier to get addicted to for the obvious reasons. There aren’t ten billion people on this planet (or will be soon) because sex hurts and drugs tap right into our brain’s pleasure centres. But exercise, like cycling throughout the year, is hard on hot days, a drag in the rain and close to torture on cold winter days to someone just starting out. Eventually a seasoned rider, with all the right gear, loves to ride whatever the season and like an addict will begin to jones when they don’t get their regular ride in.

So if you attempted to make another ill fated new years resolution to exercise regularly and you have already blown it, think about cycling. Spring is here, sort of. Fraser River Bike Tours & Rentals opens for the season March 3 and we provide everything you need to ride throughout the year; bikes, helmets, riding gear, even raingear so they are no excuses. There are many other riding centres out there where you can start by renting a bike or you could buy a bike and begin collecting your gear. Some of you have a beautiful but lonely bike just waiting for you to get on it. Some of you may have to have it retuned because if it’s been sitting for more than a few years it may need some work or at least air in the tires.

So if you are tired of feeling tired, feed up with you gut, embarrassed by your skinny legs and done with making New Years Resolutions that you never keep decide now to become an addict. Become addicted to cycling and it will change your life. Don’t expect your lying cheating body to give up and get into shape without a bit of a fight but if you can persevere for just a few months will be hooked and when a crew of fit cyclists fly by you at a slow down in traffic you will be like that old fire dog whining to give chase.

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