Bike Patrols

Bike Patrols either used by the Police or through volunteers are the most effective way to keep an area safe for the general Public. The Quay boardwalk and the New Pier Park in Downtown New West are great areas for the public to enjoy a ride or stroll in the early afternoon and evening, especially after a hot day and you need to cool down your kids before trying to get them to bed. The city has invested millions and I do mean millions to make this an attractive place to recreate with your family but what is nice for your family is also nice for teen drinking and drug parties, drunks getting drunker, meth and crack heads with the occasional mentally disturbed individual thrown into the mix. Without an active police presence soon families stay away and those there to party take over and before you know it, it becomes a no go zone for those it was intended for and a haven for those who just want to party and debauch.

We are at that cusp now but it seems the police have caught on to the publics concerns. I know this joe public has been raising the alarm. From a presence that was at best intermittent and mostly only after a crisis to seeing the police there a number of times a day, sometimes a number of times an hour the improvement is noticeable. I tip my helmet to them and their bosses but I hope this level of policing stays in place so that the drinking and drug use go elsewhere and stay there.

Last night a church group just plugged into city power and began a service right in front of the tin soldier. No permit and aggressive evangelism turned a lot of people off and they did no favor for their god with their lack of respect for the general public. Come on guys, get a permit, tune your instruments and stop chasing down people with YOUR message.

So whether it is drunks, addicts, Psychos, or zealots, I hope the police enforce the law and send them all packing and keep this wonderful boardwalk free and accessible to the public as planned by our forward thinking city council.

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