How to eat your way out of depression and anxiety

How to eat your way out of depression and anxiety

Now that I have your attention I lied. You cannot eat your way out of depression or anxiety but you can stop escalating the problem. Food and nutritional supplements can make the difference, if you are exercising properly (anaerobically) and if you are working with a Cogitative Behavioral Therapist (mindfulness in the moment). You can undo a lot of good work by eating the wrong things at the wrong times.

Your brain uses a lot of energy and it needs it in a steady flow throughout the day, even when you are asleep. You have probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is but most of the crap you find on the supermarket shelf should stay there and never be put into your mouth. They are full of sugar, salt and fat as well as a new menace, the genetically modified monster we call modern wheat. (Read: Wheat Belly) Glutton is the plants natural defense against bugs but evil scientists who work for the giant food manufactures have increased it many fold within modern wheat to save them money on pesticides and to help their product stay fresh tasting on the shelf for years. They do not care that most of us will have trouble digesting it or that it causes inflammation or that it will cause your blood sugar to spike or that through digestion it will great an opiate like substance making it addictive. Avoid process foods for all of your meals and learn to cook simple but healthy and tasty dishes that will help you when you are trying to exercise and be mindful.

The best breakfast receipt: Super Oatmeal

½ cup of oatmeal (real oatmeal, not the instant stuff and organic if you can find it)
1 cup of water
¼ cup of flax meal
¼ cup of almonds
¼ cup of pecans
Pinch of salt
Pinch of cinnamon
Table spoon or raw sugar
Table spoon of butter
Boil and stir for five minutes or until it thickens and becomes sticky
Add fruit if you wish.
Add an egg and stir in as the boiling starts if you wish.

This will give you more protein than a steak, keep you full for hours and not spike your blood sugar. It strips cholesterol from you and gives you a solid dose of omega oils and best of all it is cheap and easy to make.

Eat a lean lunch; fruit, veggies and a boiled egg or maybe some tuna fish.

Eat a lean dinner; baked chicken (or lamb, fish or pork) rubbed in olive oil (olive oil rub; add garlic, pepper and a touch of hot sauce) a yam or potato rubbed in the same rub, veggies and a salad. Always preheat your oven and put the rubbed meat in a hot oven.

Keep it simple, home made and make sure your meat is free range, if you eat beef make sure it was grass feed. Keep your snacks to popcorn, peanuts, almonds or home made cookies; Instead of wheat flour for your cookies, use rice or channa flour.

Drink water; that is what your body needs. Teas are good and a coffee with breakfast is good for you but avoid all juices, pops and premixes concoctions like ice tea; especially those huge cans of energy drinks.

Best Cookie Receipt: Oatmeal Cookies

1 cup of milk or water

1 cup of oatmeal

½ cup of brown rice flour
½ cup of channa flour
¼ cup of butter
½ cup of raw sugar or honey
Tablespoon of baking powder
Pinch of salt
Pinch of cinnamon
1 cup of real dark chocolate (70% coco)
Rub bake pan lightly with olive oil
Bake at 325 for about twenty minutes (break one to ensure they are cooked right through)

These are not only a healthy snack but two would make a good lunch.

The following nutritional supplements are important to your mental well being as well as for a strong and healthy body.

1. Wild Salmon Fish Oils. Krill oil is great but expensive and make sure you use wild fish oils. Fish oils, olive oil, flax meal, and almonds are great sources of Omega3 EPA and DHA, which your body and brain needs to function well.
2. Magnesium Citrate: Helps relax those tiny capillaries that get blood to areas of inflammation. Will reduce pain and increase flexibility in areas that you would probably take pain killers for.
3. Vitamin D3: best to get some sunshine even if it’s cold as your body can make far more that you can take orally with just twenty minutes of exposure. But if you are not into sun tanning on a cold winter day or may go weeks (months even) without sunshine take Vitamin D3.

So keep exercising anaerobically (cycling, running, power walking or a treadmill in the gym), get some Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Google Dr. Amen’s ANT Therapy to get started) and eat well. Old habits die hard and eating crap and junk food is a tough one to stop but if you eat well for a month you will notice the difference and this will give you some perspective on what your body really wants when it’s hungry or thirsty.

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