The Big Threat

The Big Threat is Apathy: When we know that we should do something but do nothing or even worse not enough.

Over the years and with the hundreds of clients who I have worked with the biggest challenge with them (and with me) is when after equipped with the tools to conquer depression, beat back anxiety, see their way through addictions is to watch them acquire the tools but not use them.

The tools are relatively simple: (all are detailed in prior blogs)

1. Diet; eat only food that you prepare, avoid processed foods, simple carbs and cut back all forms of sugars.
2. Exercise; aerobic exercise every second day for a minimum of twenty minutes to burn off the stress drugs created by your fight or flight mechanisms.
3. ANT Therapy; challenge negative thoughts and reframe them with positive ones. Install the positive thoughts by holding them for at least ten seconds.
4. Mindfulness; practice mindful breathing for three minutes every morning and for five minuets every night. Go to you mindful meadow at least once a week after your five minute evening breathing session.
5. Daily Acts of Random Kindness; do something kind daily, without being asked to, for someone else.
6. Begin Your Day on Track; have five positive statements about yourself, that you believe, on the wall by your bed and start each morning after waking by looking at them.
7. Invest in Yourself; if in a relationship do something without being asked that is loving for your partner. If you are alone do something in love for someone around you without being creepy. Put 10% of every pay cheque into savings first.

I have practiced this for almost forty years and when I do it faithfully I prosper inside and out. When I let my lying cheating piece of meat (my body) or my lazy mind wander from this path I suffer. I have not had one client who has taken up this practice who has not done better because of it. I don’t promise perpetual happiness because shit happens. Loved ones leave us or they die, jobs end, our health can falter, car accidents occur and just when you think everything is cool it becomes unbearably hot. If you apply these simple disciplines to your life daily you will prosper and find joy and when the proverbial shit hits the fan you will have a structure that will sustain you through the tough times. If you only do these things when you are in trouble you will always be in trouble.

These seven tools will practiced daily in a few short months will become habits. When you don’t brush you teeth or have your morning shower, once they are habits, you feel off until you do it. Water will find its course and over time will create a path it will follow every time. None of these tools are hard to do, once you start to do them you feel good and when you finish them you feel better. It’s being conscious in the moment when you are making the decision to use the tool or not that is key and until it is an ingrained habit you will have to be mindful in that moment. My advice is “Just do it already!!!!”

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