Is there intelligent life out there; because there is very little of it down here on Earth.

Intelligence is defined as: The ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. With this definition in mind, I consider most of what we have come to know as knowledge and skills may not meet this definition. Leaving aside the obvious, let’s focus on the day to day lives of most people on this planet. The information we do posses and how we act upon it.

Most of the information we receive in our day to day lives is prejudiced. The majority of our economy is not set up to enlighten us but to enslave us. The halls of science, chemistry, physics, biology, psychology and medicine are devoted to selling us crap and then attempting to help us live with our poor choices. Walk into a supermarket and take a good look. Most of the floor space is devoted to the processed foods that you have been brainwashed to buy, or even more sadly your kids have been, then read the labels and you see how these so called foods have been created by our misnamed realms of science. They are then marketed to us by industrial psychologists who understand that our evolved tasted buds, keyed to the sugars, salt and fat, that over eons, when these were in short supply to our evolving monkey brain, which when it overrides our neocortex is still driven by basic desires to acquire such once rare products that are now in abundance. There is a convey belt of sugar, salt and fat right from the supermarket or 7-11 right into our open mouths. When the giant hybrid food/chemical companies where forced to admit that their emulsifiers, stabilizers, food dyes, defined by their knowledge that we crave sugar, salt and fat by our monkey brain, that are making us sick, they then developed other chemicals as the cure, like Ritalin or synthetic Insulin, so we could continue eating this crap and maintain life, just maybe not a quality life. This leaves us with Attention Deficient Hyperactive Disordered Obese citizens who are addicted to processed foods and the drugs they need to counter-act their poor diets. It’s interesting to me that the drug companies who make the food additives are the same ones who make the so called cures.

We now know that we are heating up our tiny globe, our home and space ship, with green house gases ever since we discovered that dinosaurs and their decomposed environs could fuel our crazed economies. When I see a hummer going down the road, along with a thousands of other single drivers in their cars, all going to the same place, all emitting green house gases and a toxic mix of other deadly chemicals, I wonder about the definition of intelligent life here on earth.

When I see an open pit mine take out a whole mountain range to get at the coal so we can provide electricity in a foreign country so that their air pollution comes right back to us, while the profits from such foolishness goes into the pockets of the one percent, I also wonder at the definition of our so called intelligence.

Then I glance over to see another old growth forest devoured by the industrial machine and turned into two by fours and tooth picks, again for some foreign building boom and again with the profits going to the one percent. How about those giant fishing nets that without discrimination depopulate the oceans only to package them in a chemical stew so that for our convenience we could eat them tomorrow or in ten years? The same one percent profit from this destructive practice as well.

Sometimes we are distracted by sleight of hand when we are convinced by marketers about suspect sustainable endeavors like salmon farming. Small fish, which were the stable food for many aboriginal peoples on the west South American coast, are now caught and processed as feed for our Atlantic salmon farms on the west coast. These nutritious fish are ground up, mixed with antibiotics, pesticides, food coloring before being wrapped in bubble gum and feed to a species foreign to the west coast that circle in their millions within huge nets, right over the migration routes of our local threatened salmon. In such a tight ball of foreign hosts, sea lice proliferate and then fall like snow onto our struggling local salmon fry as they swim by, decimating them before they have a chance to flourish.

We have left the wilderness to become slaves to technology, not much of a fair trade off if you ask me. Young people now are dealing with gaming addictions and when they are not killing virtual avatars they bully each other on facebook and twitter. While our cycling the other day, I watched a young father out walking his son in a stroller through a beautiful local park. The father was intent on his Iphone while his infant son was mesmerized by his Ipad, both not communicating with each other and both missing the beauty around them. Even the poor souls who are trapped into manufacturing our technological addictions, are protected from their attempted suicides by their employers/slavers, when their employers install tall fences around any jump points on their factories.

The one percent are profiting from all of this but are not willing to share their riches with the disappearing middle classes, never mind the poor. The middle classes only exist in our economy’s to harvest by the rich, when in every planned economic downturn they are fleeced of their savings, losing their homes and bank accounts but not their credit cards, only to be sent back into the fields of low income jobs to fatten up for their next shearing. The poor are essential to the rich because without them how would you know that you are rich. The one percent point then to the poor in their roiling masses that fill our inner cities and country backwaters and say to the struggling middle classes; “work where I put you or that is your fate”. Now that we are a world economy the good jobs from North America and Europe migrate to the developing world. Their factories and the jobs are exported to where a weekly wage equals our hourly wage. They then ship the stuff back to us to be sold in the Wal-Mart’s of the world.

The medical/industrial complex is also complicit in this scheme by the one percent to own everything. When we feel awful, depressed or anxious, develop sleep or eating disorders or try to self medicate ourselves with drugs or alcohol they step in with pharmaceutical straightjackets so we can return to work zombized. Only the rich have access to talk therapy like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Mindfulness. The rest are given five minute appointments with Psychiatrists before the prescription pad comes out.

My intent was not to depress you. So put down that Prozac, put the razor blade away, my point is not to make you panic but to help you change. You only will be a part of intelligent life here on earth if you stop and think about the situation you find yourselves in. Some want to burn society down and start again, others want to eat the rich but that may raise your cholesterol to dangerous levels. Anonymous wants to remain that way.

I recommend being mindful in the moment. Eat naturally and avoid processed foods, get out and exercise regularly, vote for those who want what you want and if that is not available, run for office yourself. Volunteer to help those who need it, understand that less is more, (do your really need a large flat screen in your bathroom, do you need everything you have been brainwashed to believe you need) and be mindful.

Think about your thinking! This is the true sign of intelligence, to think about what you think. If you become a part of the solution you will not a part of the problem. If everyone was a part of the solution there would not be a problem. The one percent only exist because they are protected by the politicians that we elected, because they promised us all the things that we have been brainwashed to lust after. We buy their crap not because we need it but because our wants have been hijacked by marketing produced by scientists who study human behavior to enslave us to materialism, rather than to solve our serious social problems.

Intelligence is in the eye of the beholder, so look in the mirror and consider your thinking. Google mindfulness, yes the internet can serve you versus enslave you, and practice “being in the moment” because that is where we live. We haven’t screwed up once tomorrow, we can’t change the past but we can learn from it. We can focus on the now and idea by idea, thought by thought, and decision by decision create a better life that we deserve as humans who share this tiny fragile blue globe floating in outer space.

Sure there is probably intelligent life up there but stop and ensure that some exists down here to.

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