Modalities of Change

Insight and Empowerment as Modalities of Change.
At Dan’s Legacy we work proactively with youth who have experienced trauma and abuse and are now dealing with depression, anxiety, sleep and eating disorders and with self-medicating for their inner pain and chaos. We know that these youths will go on to develop addictions to drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, video games or become workaholics. If they do not experience a therapeutic intervention they are at risk of overdose, disease, homelessness and perpetuating the cycle of pain and chaos intergenerationally.
We focus on where we can make a difference before these youths become entrenched in dysfunctional ways to self-medicate with whatever they find in front of them. We provide a minimum four month or sixteen sessions of counselling and lifeskills that will help them gain insight and then empowerment so they can heal inside and out. Teaching self-regulation, acquiring cognitive-behavioral skills, learning mindfulness through various exercises like mindful breathing as well as important lifeskills like proper diet and exercise, youth in our programs find insight and empowerment to see meaningful change in their lives. Through visualization and actualization, they choose a functional path for their lives and leave behind dysfunctional behaviors that they had once used to cope with the pain and chaos that they had become habituated to.
We believe that insight and empowerment are far more powerful modalities of change than shame and guilt. We know that trying to make their dysfunctional coping strategies immoral or even criminal does not work. If change will occur, it will because they want it and when they want to change we need to be there for them without judgment but with strategies that make sense to them. Beginning with the basics, we start with helping them to understand what they can do to feel better in the short term. Understanding that a whole food diet that avoids processed food and focuses on eating a diet of complex carbohydrates, vegetables, fruit, nuts, lean meats, and seafood will make them feel better almost immediately. Getting aerobic exercise with anaerobic intervals will also bring almost immediate relief. Learning mindful breathing and how to deal with negative thoughts comes next and once the youth learns these basics of self regulation we then begin to work on their core issues resulting from the trauma and abuse. Many youths find their way after the four-month intervention of weekly sessions but some need more and we are committed to work with them as long as they want to do the work. Some are not ready but we stay in touch with them until they are. Some need to take a break and to regroup before continuing. We remain flexible with each client and focus on their needs as sessions progress.
With this approach we work proactively with youth who are on a path that will eventually lead to addiction or other psychological issues that will negatively affect their lives. If we can intercede while these youths are at this stage we know we have an excellent chance of seeing them, through insight and empowerment, change their trajectory so they can avoid the pitfalls of addictions, homelessness, disease and intergenerational pain to that of success and personal happiness. We can not do this alone but need the help of our community.
Through this work we have identified the desperate need for a recovery program for youth who have become entrenched in their addictions. Although we have empowered hundreds through personal insight there are those who need the next step of recovery and we believe that our planned Rural Recovery Centre for youth will address some of this need. We know that a year long program based on intensive therapy on an local organic farm that focuses on life and workskills will be the missing link for many but again we need your help to make this a reality.

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